Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OSGi Cloud Workshop at EclipseCon/OSGiDevCon 2012

Many people are seeing how well OSGi fits conceptually with Cloud Computing. Its modularity is frugal on memory, and provides isolation. Additionally it focuses components on a particular task, which makes them better maintainable too. Furthermore, OSGi dynamicity makes it possible to create Cloud components that react to changes in the cloud environment in a natural way. They can be dynamically configured, reconfigured and an OSGi Framework can be dynamically provisioned and re-provisioned as well!

Over the past while the OSGi Cloud Working Group has been looking at how OSGi can be enhanced to provide additional support for Cloud Computing. This has resulted in a requirements document called RFP 133.

At this point in time we need to discuss which of these requirements should be tackled first? Is it Discovery in the Cloud? Or Metadata? Or Management or maybe something else?
At the same time we should embrace any existing standards in this area and certainly not attempt to reinvent the wheel!

This discussion is the topic of the Second OSGi Cloud Workshop which is held this year at the EclipsCon/OSGiDevCon venue on Thursday March 29 at 9am.

It is set to be a morning with some presentations (the lineup currently is: Paremus, JClouds, eBay and RedHat/JBoss), a demo, and a lot of time for discussion. Entrance is free - you don't need an EclipseCon pass, but you do need to register as numbers are limited (see here also for details on the location of the venue): http://osgi-cloudworkshop-2012.eventbrite.co.uk

Oh, and just to be sure: EclipseCon/OSGiDevCon 2012 has moved and is in Washington/Reston this year!

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