Friday, January 6, 2012

JavaSE 8 Modularity, Project Jigsaw and OSGi

One of the requirements for the JavaSE 8 module system is to provide support for and be able to integrate with OSGi. I am therefore very happy to see that a new OpenJDK project is being proposed to focus on precisely this: Project Penrose. Tim Ellison posted the proposal here:

They're still looking for initial supporters, authors and committers, so if you're interested in helping out just sign up!

BTW I posted before on this topic, see here:


  1. Would be more than happy to help, considering I was among the initial EG (voted on by JCP EC with full consent) for Modularity, but later the EG and Modularity JSR never made it to be officially founded;-|

  2. Hi Werner,
    Sounds good, you might want to let the community know that you want to help by sending an email to the OpenJDK Discuss list...