Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nice magazine about OSGi

The people behind the Jax conferences have created a PDF magazine with a focus on OSGi. There's some good articles in there, so definitely worth a read!

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction to OSGi by Jerome Moliere
  • What's new in Core 4.3 by BJ Hargrave and Peter Kriens
  • Developing with BndTools by Marcel Offermans and Alexander Broekhuis
  • OSGi a la Carte by Valentin Mahrwald and Holly Cummins
  • OSGi and JPA by Dmytro Pishchukhin
  • Cure for Complexity (Business focus) by Richard Nicholson
  • Enterprise OSGi by Tim Diekmann and myself
Lots of topics, from Core to Enterprise to Business and also information about popular OSGi projects and developing for OSGi! The download process is a little involved, but it took me only a few seconds to get it. You can get the PDF here:

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