Friday, October 29, 2010

OSGi Community Wiki now open for contributions

The OSGi Community Wiki is now open to everyone for contributions. Sign up here:


  1. That's really good news :)

    Although, having to print out, sign, scan and then email back a document is a bit... awkward...

  2. This is a bit odd too: "we did not place an edit button on the pages because that looks so, ehh, well, wiki like".

    That's what wikis are supposed to be like - in fact that's the whole point! ;) Wiki pages are *meant* to have edit buttons.

  3. Hi remerson,

    I think that other organisations, such as Apache and Eclipse have similar processes...

  4. @davidb: The Eclipse wiki is open to everyone who has a bugzilla account. Signing such an agreement for editing a wiki is odd.

  5. Lars, the big difference is that content on the OSGi wiki may be used as the basis of a future specification. Therefore contributions need to be treated in the same way as Apache and Eclipse handle code contributions.