Monday, December 7, 2009

CXF-DOSGi 1.1 Implements the OSGi Remote Services spec

Last week the Apache CXF implementation of the OSGi Remote Service specification, CXF-DOSGi version 1.1 was released.

The CXF-DOSGi code base has already been supporting the OSGi Remote Service spec (chapter 13 in the OSGi 4.2 Compendium Specification) for some time. Now it's in a released version as well.

Major new features since CXF-DOSGi 1.0:
  • Reference Implementation of the OSGi Remote Service spec.
  • A live Discovery System is now supported. CXF-DOSGi makes use of Apache Zookeeper as the Discovery Server and provides client-side bundles for transparent interaction with Zookeeper.
  • Besides SOAP/HTTP support, it now also provides REST support for JAX-RS-based Remoted Services and Consumers through the configuration type.
For more information see:

In the mean time we're working on refactoring the code to also be compliant with the upcoming Remote Service Admin specification. The RSA spec defines standard interfaces between the Distribution Provider, Topology Manager and Discovery System in a Remote Service implementation. This means you can mix-n-match these from multiple implementations. So for example, you could take the CXF Distribution Provider to give you a Web-Services based remote service and combine that with something like a UDDI-based Discovery system from another project. Then you might want to provide your own Topology Manager since this is the entity that makes the decisions about what gets exported and what gets imported. The RSA spec makes all this possible. Read more about it in chapter 122 of


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